Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Important Notice. Snow Season Sign Up Form.

Since the last committee meeting the club have decided to trial a new system for signing up to training.  This system, which we hope will be more flexible, allows you to sign up and pay in advance for the weeks you know you can make. This allows you the ability to not have to pay for pre-determined days that you can't make due to holidays or other planned activities. Payment for the whole season will still be required up front.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Gordon Skiers Open Weekend 23/24 Jan 2016

Now that the snow has arrived in the hills it is time to start turning our thoughts to the 2016 snow races.  The 2016 Gordon Skiers Open will be held over the weekend of the 23rd/24th January.  We are currently putting the finishing touches to the arrangements but details can be found on the Gordon Skiers Open 2016 page.  We had a record entry last year who were treated to a great weekend of racing so don't miss out, get your entry in now by completing the form at the foot of the Gordon Skiers Open Page.  

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Snow Training Spring 2016

As we prepare for our final Xmas session at Alford and the dry slope season comes to a close it is time for thoughts to turn to the Lecht and the snow training.  We had a committee meeting after training last week to iron out the final details.

Gordon Skiers Clothing

Club Kit for Christmas

We have received the following message from the Rugby Plus Team in Aberdeen:-

Just a quick note to ask if you could let your club members know that if they require any of the Club logo’d items from the Club Page at, then they would need to place order by end of this weekend. This should ensure Christmas delivery - especially if they want the item posted to them.

Sunday, December 06, 2015

Training Times, Sunday 6th December

Some new faces at the top of the leader-board today, King of The Hill title goes to Andrew Simpson with the fastest time of the day at 6.43, beating all the coaches, despite what Head Coach Gary would have you believe!  Close behind, and leading the coaches, none other than James Paxton in 6.54 just pipping Jamie at 6.68.

One other stand out performance was Jack Morrison, his 7.15 clearly proving that his promotion to Performance Squad 1 was well deserved.

Clash of The Titans, Head Coach's Report

Everyone loves race day.

Alford Ski Slope had a louder buzz than the Men's World Cup GS at Beaver Creek this weekend. Marcel Hirscher may have turned the snow to steam, but I'm sure I saw sparks fly from the mat today from some of the racers.

Gordon Skiers welcomed Aberdeen Snowsports Club to our mat today for the hottest ski competition the North of Scotland has seen in decades.

Thursday, December 03, 2015

Clash of The Titans!

Gordon Skiers are welcoming ASC to the Alpine resort of Alford this Sunday.

Ten members of Aberdeen's finest will join us this weekend for some coaching sessions, followed by a fun team race, between the clubs. We will have our usual mixed teams so everyone will get a chance to race for the bragging rights of being Grampian's finest.

The North East doesn't have many ski clubs, so this is a great opportunity to ski with some like minded friends and keep the racing spirit going.

See You All Sunday, GW

Last Reminder

Can we also remind everyone to complete the form for the Christmas dinner ASAP, it is only just over a week away and we need to get the numbers to alford Golf Club.  It is a fun event and an integral part of our Christmas celebrations.  Please bring the whole family.

Monday, November 30, 2015

Braehead Trip

Too many high points to mention from today. Kevin the bus driver was brilliant. Graeme and Margaret did an amazing job of planning the day in such a short a time. Paul Green was showing us how to Telemark on terrible snow. The Mums and Dads were flying down the hill. The coaching team were on form, even though Jamie didn't know he was coming until 11:30 pm last night and has a perforated ear drum. The DVD's on the bus were amazing. Then...........there was the rendition of Frozen from the back of the bus. Truly beyond comment.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Gordon Skiers Christmas Races and Lunch, Sunday December 13th.

It's almost that time of year again!  Sunday the 13th December is the last session at Alford prior to the Christmas break so we will be having the traditional Xmas fun races on the mat and then finishing a little early and everyone heading off to Alford Golf club for our Christmas Lunch.

Last year the Golf Club did us proud and laid on an excellent spread and a great time was had by all with almost a full house of club members.  Just as last year we would ask you to complete the form below for each person attending and also indicate menu choice so that the golf club can have everything ready and waiting for us.  Please complete the form prior to Sunday 6th December.

As well as the lunch we will also be having a prize giving for the dry mat season based on the training times.  It will be based on a points system and of course the more you attend, the more points you amass so everyone is in with a chance.

So the question is "What will James be wearing this year?", two years ago it was Santa, last year one of Santa's reindeer, this year???

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Head Coach's Report Sunday 22nd November

A bit late with the write up this week folks, apologies for that.  The snow saw us try a new format for Sunday's training. Even I couldn't be evil enough to have the skiers doing outdoor fitness and press-ups, so we had a full training session of skiing for everyone.

It always surprises me how much better dry mat is when it's covered in snow and how much more eager the skiers are to get out on the hill. Let's hope for much more.

Monday, November 23, 2015


Our new hoodies have certainly proved to be very popular, and no surprise given how smart they look.  As the initial order was sold out almost immediately we plan to put in another order.  The minimum order for these is 20 so we will put in the order once we have the necessary numbers however they will not arrive for Christmas…we are looking at early in the new year. 

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Training Times Sunday 22nd November.

Everyone benefited from some snow on the mat with all the times coming down a bit today.  Kenny saved the coaches from defeat today with the fastest time of the day at 6.3 seconds , closely followed by Beth Whatford at 6.41 seconds a full 0.3 seconds ahead of her dad Head Coach Gary.......oh dear, two weeks on the run!  Think you might have to start getting used to this one Gary!  Andrew Simpson managed a close second to Beth in 6.43.

Performance Squad 1 Oct 4th Nov 1st Nov 8th Nov 15th Nov 22nd
Rachel Brown  7.22 6.66 6.77 6.56
Hamish Alexander 6.82 6.80 7.25 6.87
Graeme Campbell 7.24 7.36 7.65 7.28
Andrew Simpson  7.40 6.76 6.66 6.85 6.43
Neil Simpson 7.95 7.07 7.05 7.13 6.97
Beth Whatford  7.53 7.23 7.06 6.41
Erik Rasmusen 7.59 6.87 6.88 6.99 6.57
Hannah Morrison 7.11 7.14 6.97
Vicky Rasmusen 8.59 7.71 7.30 7.42
Performance Squad 2
Nathan Smith  7.74 8.24 7.25
Ben Whatford 9.58 7.89 8.21 7.97
Ellie Green  9.22 8.34 8.23 8.67 7.95
Jack Morrison  9.37 7.65 7.29 7.75 7.47
Logan Duncan 9.40 8.40 8.02 8.54 7.97
Development 1
Harry Pfleger  9.44 8.13 8.35
Daniel Lints  8.56
Sophie Ross 8.24 8.26 8.05 7.91
Daisy Cowie 10.69 8.72 8.55 8.72
Harriet Dawson  10.11 8.88 8.57 9.92 9.00
Development 2
Finlay Carry 9.56 8.48 8.50 9.61 8.31
Izzy Pfleger 11.69 10.31 9.67 10.29 10.10
Murdo Reid 10.69 9.32 8.45 9.25 8.79
Alex Hay 11.04 9.03 8.51 8.79
Ben McWhirry Merry 10.76 9.37 8.75 10.22 9.93
Ruaridh Rogerson 10.71 8.90 9.34 8.36
Logan Train 9.70 10.16 9.27
Victoria Selley 10.75 11.70 11.03
 Development 3 
Jacob Ipsen 11.12 9.23 No time 8.83
Torin Liversidge 11.42 9.42 No time 10.05 9.00
Alex Selley 11.24 9.05 No time 9.00 8.92
Keira Henderson 11.56 9.44 No time 10.71
Eva Sinclair 12.27 9.80 No time 10.22 9.29
Autumn Train No time 10.29 9.16
Development 4  
Annabel Mackay No time No time No time 13.44 10.60
Glen Liversidge No time No time No time 12.58 11.09
Thomas Paterson No time No time No time 12.57 12.58
Rasmus Ipsen 14.64 No time No time 11.67
Olivia Sinclair 21.07 No time No time 11.61 11.45
Finn Rogerson 13.20 No time No time 11.83 11.46
Emily Carry No time 14.38 11.32


  • Kenny   6.33
  • James    6.52
  • Alex      6.61
  • Gary      6.70

Friday, November 20, 2015

Braehead Trip

The good news is that the coach is full and all those who have applied to come have got a place. We have 30 skiers heading down to snow factor along with 3 coaches and 12 parents / helpers.  We will be handing out details at training this Sunday.

Costs will be as advertised, £25 for the lift pass etc and £10 for the coach and those not currently attending dry mat training will need to pay a supplement of £22 for the training.  Parents will be £10 for the coach and an extra £25 if skiing.  We would like to collect the money at training this week so please bring along your cheque book or cash!

Training, Sunday November 22nd

This week we would like to try a new format of having 4 groups on the mat, with 2 groups off at a time doing fitness. If we can have all the groups back on for the racing at the end, that leaves 3 hours for all 6 groups to nip off for some land training.

Alex is back this week and I'm sure he's dying to make up for all the fitness training he's missed!  If he could stay on fitness, for all the groups this leaves 4 coaches on the mat to cover the skiing groups. Those on skiing will need to switch groups as they go on and off the mat.

Third Party Liability Insurance

Members of Gordon Skiers are covered by public liability insurance arranged through Snowsport Scotland (SSS). There has been a change this year in that the insurance company has asked SSS to hold certain club membership information (names, dates of births and postcodes) for all members of affiliated organisations.

The club will seek assurance from SSS that this data will not be shared with any other third party. This data is not shared with the insurance company unless, in the unlikely event, there is a claim.

SSS already hold this data for children and junior racers through competitor registration but not for adult members and bairns. To allow our trip to Braehead to proceed we will need to share this additional information with SSS for insurance purposes.

If any members wish clarification regarding this change then please speak to me at Alford on Sunday or contact the committee before Monday 23rd November when we plan to submit this information to SSS.

Gordon Skiers

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Braehead Trip 29th November.

The deadline for applications for the Breahead trip has now passed and we are pleased to say that the coach is now full. We will give full details at training on Sunday.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Braehead Sunday 29th November

A quick update on the Braehead trip.  Firstly numbers are rising fast, we are up to 20 skiers and have a 45 seat coach so get your names in fast.

For the few who have put there name in who are not attending dry mat this autumn there will be a supplement to pay towards the coaching fees.

Drop-off and pick-up will be in Westhill as that is the most central point for all our members.  We have access to a car park where those parents travelling can leave cars for the day.  Details to follow.

So if you are wanting to come to Snowfactor, get your names in ASAP.

Training 15th November, Head Coach's Report

Even the cloud and rain couldn't dampen the spirits of Gordon Skiers today.  It may have been our first wet Sunday, but everyone was on a high and didn't even seem to mind sliding around in the mud for fitness.

A big THANK YOU to Lynne today for helping out the coaches with the physical sessions and for organising such amazing looking kit. Some very smartly dressed racers on the Alford Mat today.

I'm always very impressed by the soup rota. Delicious today and the baking looked very impressive.

Training Times Sunday 15th November

Here are this weeks training times.  The time given is the best of the 3 runs for each skier.  Having said that, some members of Performance Squad 1 took a sneaky fourth run at it to try and beat the coaches times however these runs are not featured here to make it fair for everyone.  These fourth run times are at the bottom!

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Training Sunday 15th November

Evening all.
  • PS 2, Dev 2 & 4 are on the mat for the first session from 9 -10:30. 
  • PS 1, Dev 1 & 3 are on fitness from 9 - 10:30
We switch for the second session from 10:30 - 12.  All skiers are then back on the mat for the last hour of racing. 12 - 1. 

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Snow Factor Trip, November 29th

Fancy a trip to Snowfactor in Glasgow?
Some early Christmas shopping?!
Read on............

Gordon’s Skiers is planning a coach trip to the Snowfactor indoor ski slope at Braehead on Sunday 29th November.

The club has been given access to the slope for a training session including gates. Gary and his team will be coaching. We have had a fantastic start to the dry mat season at Alford with 3 great training days so far but the opportunity for a day training on snow seems too good to miss. The idea is for the club to have a fun day out.

Sunday, November 08, 2015

Training November 8th, Head Coach's Report

Someone needs to tell the head coach he needs some skis!!
It never fails to amaze me how much fun we can have and how much the skiers can be challenged on an 80 metre slope in Alford.

Although the weather was less clement to us today, the groups were all fully engaged, with the coaches working hard to keep them on their toes.

Training Times, Sunday November 8th.

Todays fastest training times are in.  Top of the pile today were Rachel Brown and Andrew Simpson who were inseparable on 6.66 seconds and both succeeding in knocking head coach Gary off his perch after he came in a whole tenth of a second slower in 6.76! Also right up there in the sub 7 second club were Hamish Alexander in 6.80 and Eric Rasmusen in 6.88.

Performance Squad 1 Oct 4th Nov 1st Nov 8th
Rachel Brown  7.22   6.66
Hamish Alexander   6.82 6.80
Graeme Campbell   7.24 7.36
Andrew Simpson  7.40 6.76 6.66
Neil Simpson 7.95 7.07 7.05
Beth Whatford  7.53 7.23  
Erik Rasmusen 7.59 6.87 6.88
Hannah Morrison   7.11  
Vicky Rasmusen 8.59 7.71 7.30
Performance Squad 2      
Nathan Smith      7.74
Ben Whatford 9.58   7.89
Ellie Green  9.22 8.34 8.23
Jack Morrison  9.37 7.65 7.29
Development 1      
Kathleen Rae      
Morven Douglas       
Harry Pfleger  9.44 8.13  
Daniel Lints      8.56
Matthew Leonard      
Sophie Ross   8.24 8.26
Daisy Cowie 10.69 8.72 8.55
Logan Duncan 9.40 8.40 8.02
Harriet Dawson  10.11 8.88 8.57
Development 2      
Finlay Carry 9.56 8.48 8.50
Izzy Pfleger 11.69 10.31 9.67
Murdo Reid 10.69 9.32 8.45
Alex Hay 11.04 9.03 8.51
Ben McWhirry Merry 10.76 9.37 8.75
Ruaridh Rogerson 10.71   8.90
Logan Train     9.70
Victoria Selley     10.75

Saturday, November 07, 2015

Training Groups For Sunday November 8th

Here are the groups for this Sunday November 8th.  Don't forget it is also our second hand sale so if you have any equipment that your skiers have grown out of then bring it along and see if you can find it a new home.

PS 2, Dev 2 & 4 are on the mat for the first session from 9 -10:30. PS 1, Dev 1 & 3 are on fitness from 9 - 10:30.  We switch for the second session from 10:30 - 12.  All skiers are then back on the mat for the last hour of racing. 12 - 1.

First group can take their break, after fitness, from 10:10 - 10:25.  Ready to ski at 10:30

Second group take a break, after fitness, from 11:40 - 11:55. Ready to race at 12.

Performance Squad 1
Development 2
Rachel Brown  Finlay Carry
Hamish Alexander Izzy Pfleger
Graeme Campbell Murdo Reid
Andrew Simpson  Alex Hay
Neil Simpson Ben McWhirry Merry
Beth Whatford  Ruaridh Rogerson
Erik Rasmusen
 Development 3 
Hannah Morrison Jacob Ipsen
Vicky Rasmusen Torin Liversidge
Performance Squad 2
Alex Selley
Nathan Smith  Keira Henderson
Ben Whatford Eva Sinclair
Ellie Green  Katy Leonard
Jack Morrison 
Development 4  
Development 1
Annabel Mackay
Kathleen Rae Glen Liversidge
Morven Douglas  Thomas Paterson
Harry Pfleger  Rasmus Ipsen
Daniel Lints  Olivia Sinclair
Matthew Leonard Harry Leonard
Sophie Ross Finn Rogerson
Daisy Cowie
Logan Duncan
Harriet Dawson 

Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Gordon Skiers Secondhand Ski Sale, Sunday 8th November at Alford Ski Centre, 9.30AM

Just a quick reminder that next Sunday the 8th November is our second hand ski sale for any skis, boots, ski clothing etc.  Bring along all your surplus ski gear and see if you can find it a new home. (Wilma, this is your opportunity to just bring along the entire contents of the garage!!)

For new members this is a great opportunity to pick up Gordon Skiers suits etc, kit is often in good condition and is only on sale because the owner has grown out of it rather than being worn out! (the clothing not the owner that is!)

See you all on Sunday

Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Training Sunday November 1st

Hi All,

I'll remember the 01/11 for a long time. What perfect day to start back training for our Autumn programme.  The sun was shining and everyone was on great form. We had 33 athletes and trainees all working very hard with the 5 coaches. 

Sunday, November 01, 2015

Training Sunday 1st November

Thanks go to David Alexander for this video of today's training.  Everyone looking very busy!!

Friday, October 30, 2015

Training Sunday 1st November

Evening All,

The programme for next Sunday, 01/11 will be as follows.

PS 2, Dev 2 & 4 will be on the mat for the first session from 9 - 10:30. PS 2, Dev 1 & 3 will be on fitness from 9 - 10:30

We switch for the second session from 10:30 - 12.

All skiers are then back on the mat for the last hour of racing. 12 - 1.

First group can take their break, after fitness, from 10:10 - 10:25. Ready to ski at 10:30

Second group take a break, after fitness, from 11:40 - 11:55. Ready to race at 12.

Gary W and Nick will take the first fitness session, then switch with James and John, for the second session.

That leaves

Ski Session 1
Malcom on Dev 4
John on Dev 2
James on PS 2

Fitness 1
Gary and Nick

Ski Session 2
Malcolm on Dev 1
Nick on Dev 3
Gary on PS 1

Fitness 2
James and John

We'll do our best to set the timing gear up for timed runs. Perhaps it could be set up prior to skiing and lifted before the head to heads. We’ll need to limit the runs of skiers through the gear though. We had 12 times for some skiers and zero for others last session. This session will be limited to 3 runs for all.

I have all the times from the runs from last session and can set the teams based on those, if I have time. Maybe a parent volunteer can do that on Sunday.

As ever, we'll need helpers to make the races happen. 2 on flags at the bottom, to mark the finish and a starter at the top.

Looking forward to seeing you all on Sunday.

Cheers, GW

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Huntly Nordic Ski Centre Open Day, Sunday 1st November 10am-4pm.

Peter Thorn at Huntly Nordic Ski Centre  has asked us to advertise their open day in the name of promoting multi discipline. He is aware that we train on a Sunday but says a crowd appearing in the afternoon when we are finished at Alford is fine with them.  

"Brush up on your ski skills for winter, come down and enjoy a range of activities for FREE, with a BBQ from 12!

• Instruction for skiing & rollerskiing
• Nordic walking & Tubing
• The Climbing Wall (11am-2pm)
• Second hand kit for sale
• Fun and games for all the family

Contact us for more details: Tel 01466 794428

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

LSRA Bairns and Lassies 2015, Last Call For Entries

Entries for the Bairns and Lassies race close this Friday October 16th. The race is at 2pm Sunday 25th October at Hillend. As it is an afternoon race there is no need for an overnight stay.

It is an un-seeded race so it's also open for un-registered racers. So if you are new to racing then this is the one for you. It would be great to have a good turnout of our younger racers so if you are planning on entering then get your entry in now and then please let James Paxton know you have entered by emailing .

One thing to note is that the Forth road bridge will be closed that weekend so allow for some extra journey time as you will need to come round via Stirling or the Kincardine Bridge.

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

LSRA Bairns and Lassies Race 2015

Entries are now open for the 2015 Bairns and Lassies race.  It is on Sunday 25th October, the last Sunday of the half term holiday and is in the afternoon so will not necessitate an overnight stay in Edinburgh for a change!

Entries close Friday 16th October at 5pm.  This un-seeded race is open to both registered and un-registered racers in all age categories up to and including Under 16. It is an excellent introduction for those new to racing.  It would be great to have a really strong entry from Gordon Skiers so why not give it a try?

Sunday, October 04, 2015

Today's Times. Sunday October 4th 2015

Timed Runs October 4th

Performance Squad 1 
Development  3  
Rachel Brown  7.22 Daisy Cowie 10.69
Hamish Alexander   Logan Duncan 9.40
Graeme Campbell   Harriet Dawson  10.11
Andrew Simpson  7.40  Development 3   
Neil Simpson 7.95 Finlay Carry 9.56
Beth Whatford  7.53 Jacob Ipsen 11.12
Erik Rasmusen 7.59 Izzy Pfleger 11.69
Hannah Morrison   Ruaridh Rogerson 10.71
Vicky Rasmusen 8.59 Development 4   
Performance Squad 2    Murdo Reid 10.69
Nathan Smith    Alex Hay 11.04
Ben Whatford 9.58 Torin Liversidge 11.42
Development 1    Finn Rogerson 13.20
Kathleen Rae   New Members  
Morven Douglas    Annabel Mackay No time
Ellie Green  9.22 Glen Liversidge No time
Jack Morrison  9.37 Ben McWhirry Merry 10.76
Harry Pfleger  9.44 Alex Selley 11.24
Daniel Lints    Thomas Paterson No time
    Rasmus Ipsen 14.64
    Keira Henderson 11.56
    Eva Sinclair 12.27
    Olivia Sinclair 21.07

First Sunday Back

Welcome back folks. 

What a day to start back training at Alford. The sun was shining, the sky was blue and the Athletes were on top form.

Day one of training is always a little daunting, especially for our newest members. I was delighted to see everyone joining in the fun and to welcome our new coach, Nicholas, to the team.

As always the timed runs were a firm favourite and the competition was red hot. Fastest of the day was Rachel Brown with a red hot 7.22 seconds. The course was very tight and the coaches couldn’t compete with Jamie Robertson very close behind (by only 2 hundredths of a second)

Apparently one of the kids managed to beat her Dad today, but we’ll be looking to fix that next session on the 1’st of November.

Don’t worry if you didn’t manage to record a time this week, we’ll be setting up the timing gear every week so there will be plenty of chances to make your mark.

For the next session I’ll be working out the teams, based on the times I have from today, so expect some close racing next time.

As always, if you have any questions or comments, do not hesitate to ask.

See You All Soon, Gary W

Friday, October 02, 2015

Scottish Dry Slope Championships 2015

Another great weekend for Gordon Skiers!  Some stunning performances from Rachel Brown taking the girls U16 slalom title on the Saturday and then following that up with a silver medal in the GS on the Sunday.  Hannah Morrison added to the medals with a bronze medal in the U18 slalom on the Saturday.

Full report to follow.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Snowsport Scotland Off Hill Training

We have received this message from Louise Kochalski Snowsport Scotland Development Officer regarding fitness training sessions that they have set up.  These sessions are appropriate for U14 and above skiers in our performance squads.  Apologies for the lateness of this information.

For more information see the attached document.


"Hi All

As most of you know Ben Kinnear and I have been working on putting into place a support programme to compliment the fantastic work the clubs and centres are doing on the hill. The idea being that we, as Snowsport Scotland, are in the best position to oversee a programme to help all athletes in the region regardless of what club you belong to or discipline you take part in.

In addition to top end coaching at the heart of what we are trying to achieve is a clear and transparent pathway of what support sessions an athlete can access depending on their age and ability levels. Each step clearly building from the last. Please have a look at the attached document, the diagram is supposed to provide a clear obvious pathway – I would welcome any feedback.

In terms of getting started, things have taken a lot longer than planned BUT I am pleased to say we’re ready to go with S&C session A starting next Monday 14th September (I know this is very short notice but I hope you, as Head Coaches or Team Managers can work with me to get the message out to the relevant athletes/parents). All details are in the attached document, but if you have any questions please ask. For athletes to book into a block of S&C (or eventually gymnastics) please have them email myself and coach or team manager. All payments should be made to Veronica in the Snowsport Scotland office (incidentally she’s not in today for anyone particularly efficient).

Lastly we welcome attendance by any coaches at the sessions, it’s great to have extra hands and also fantastic CPD for a lot of coaches out there, all I ask is coaches let me know in advance if they are coming along.

Any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.


Louise Kochalski | Development Officer (North) | Snowsport Scotland"
Tel: 0131 625 4410 | Fax: 0131 317 7202 | Mob: 07584 654396