Sunday, December 21, 2014

Gordon Skiers Open 2015

Evening All

Hope you are all prepared for the Christmas and New Year festivities.

It is only 3 weeks till training restarts and 5 weeks till the Gordon Skiers Open.

The Gordon Skiers Open is the clubs big event which we host ourselves at The Lecht. Racers aged 8 and upwards can enter into this event. I am hoping I can open it to the younger athletes as well but awaiting confirmation at the moment. Entry forms can be found from under the Gordon Skiers Open 2015 Tab.

The Bairns event (U10 and U12) will be run down the Eagle Raceway and all of our Bairns athletes are capable of entering this event, the BASS race will be run on The Buzzard (hopefully) and again all of our athletes would manage this. As a club we strongly encourage all of our athletes to enter races throughout the season but especially to support the clubs own event, at the end of the day we are a race club and that is what we are training for each weekend.

If anyone has any concerns or questions about the racing/ this event then please let me know, I am here to answer these questions.

When entering please offer your assistance under the ‘parent helper’ section, these events take a lot of organising before the day but also need a lot of volunteers on the day.

Hope to see the entries flooding in over the next few days J.

Kind regards and best wishes for the festive period.

James Paxton

Race Convenor

Chief of Champs for Gordon Skiers Open

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Xmas Races 2014

A reindeer versus a kangaroo!!  Where else would you see this other than at Gordon Skiers Xmas races!!
It was a claus run thing but the Santas just could not wipe the shine off Rudolf’s nose. The Crackers snapped under the pressure and were pulled back by the Snowflakes who then just melted away when the big Snowmen tried to roll them over. The Christmas Puddings fared better but were all too easily gobbled up by those cheeky wee Elves. They were green with envy because no-one was a match for the Christmas Trees who stood tall with their stars aloft and twinkled in the Alford skies.............

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all Gordon Skiers.


Saturday, December 13, 2014

Christmas Racing Teams

OK  So here we go with the teams for tomorrows Xmas races.

These teams have now been updated

Team 1 Team 2 Team 3
Jamie Robertson James Paxton Kenny Morton
Morven Douglas Hannah Morrison Vikki Rasmusen
Rach Morrison Daniel Lints Callum Duff
Ellie Green Duncan Sewell Phoebe Allan
Logan Duncan Murdo Reid Fionn Sewell
Ben Morris
Team 4 Team 5 Team 6
Andrew Simpson Rachel Brown John McRae
Ryan Pye Graeme Campbell Erik Rasmusen
Harry Pfleger Kathleen Rae Iain Campbell
Jack Morrison Finlay Carry Amelia Allan
Harriet Dawson Izzy Pfleger Ruaridgh Rogerson
Torin Liversidge Vhairi McLeod
Team 7 Team 8
David Alexander Malcolm Campbell
Neil Simpson Tabby Allan
Lauren Liversidge Hamish Alexander
Nathan Smith Alex Hay
Josh Allardyce Sam Morris
Daisy Cowie Lennon Allardyce

PS Please remember to bring along prizes for the raffle at the Christmas lunch.

PPS  Not that I am nagging or anything but will you please please fill out the snow training forms. Even with the Chairman and Treasurer now having completed them we still only have 28 registered for snow training.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Final Reminder for Snow Training Registration

A final reminder for snow forms.  Sunday is the final day for completing your forms for snow training.  We appreciate it is a busy time of year for everyone however it should take no more than 10 minutes to complete the forms and payment.

At present we only have 23 skiers registered.

We need to finalise numbers for snow training so that we can organise the groups etc prior to the Xmas/New Year break so please work with us and get your registrations completed prior to Sunday

Christmas Races Sunday 14th December

Good Evening Folks, I can't believe the last week is upon us already. I've genuinely enjoyed the Alford session this year.

We increased the training days by 2, giving us 8 Sundays on the mat. It's amazing what can be taught on a slope that can only take 8 gates, but I think we can all agree we've seen changes in everyone's skiing and racing.

We introduced the timing gear to training, as a regular theme. I've never seen the racers so motivated and they often had to be chased off the mat at the end of training. All great fun and the coaches seemed to enjoy that too.

This week's coaches will be Kenny, Jamie, Malcolm and John

The bad news is (and I know everyone will be really disappointed) there will be no fitness this week. It's all about skiing and racing this week.

We'll be putting the teams on the blog tomorrow, so keep your eyes peeled. The teams have all been worked out based on your race times from the last few weeks, so we'll be seeing some really close races. I can guarantee it's going to be exciting.

A HUGE thanks to Duncan Sewell for stepping up to the race gate. He's making an appearance in one of the race teams tomorrow, so please give him an extra loud cheer.

We've also got a wee surprise. This year we'll be announcing age category winners and overall club champs. This will be the Dry Mat Championship Awards, so please come along and support the races.

Please be ready to race at 9am, as we'll need the full time on the mat, to get through all the heats and make it to the finals.

I hope you all have fun on Sunday and enjoy the Xmas Lunch. Unfortunately I can't make it along this week, but I can't wait to hear the results from the races.

Gary W

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Hut Etiquette

Hi everyone,

Now that we are into December and the prospect of a bit of snow skiing is looming on the horizon I thought it would be appropriate to go through some of the basics about our club hut for those of you who are new to the snow training, and to remind everyone else about them.

For more info please go to the Hut Etiquette page.

Monday, December 08, 2014

Xmas Races 2014

Good Morning All

That is all the ‘training’ sessions finished for this year BUT this Sunday we will have the Annual Xmas Races. These will take the same format as last year with team dual slaloms making up most of the mornings events. There will be a short period to warm up on the courses and then racing will commence.

Sunday, December 07, 2014


  • Snow Training.  The deadline for snow training applications is next Sunday.  At the time of writing this on Sunday evening we have the grand total of 15 skiers registered for the 2015 snow training season.  Please can all those with skiers planning on skiing over the snow season ensure they are registered by next Sunday at the latest.  We need to have numbers finalised before Xmas / New Year so that we can enjoy the holiday period as well!
  • The Christmas Lunch form has now been closed so that numbers and requests can be submitted to Alford Golf Club

Training Report December 7th 2014

Evening Folks,

I keep waiting for the moment when the kids tell me they've have enough and are getting bored.

Thankfully, that still seems like a long way off. We've had another great day of training and racing today with some of the closest racing I've seen so far.

Training Times Sunday December 7th.

Here are this weeks times, definitely a slower course this week with most folk marginally slower and there were some tricky gates at the bottom that caught a few folk out and accounting for most of the DNFs.  In the family battles, David Alexander still clinging on ahead of son Hamish by 0.16 seconds and for the second week running Beth leads the Whatford clan home by 0.15seconds!

Saturday, December 06, 2014

Dry Mat Training Sunday 7th December

Morning Folks, this week we may be splitting the training between indoors and outdoors, so please come prepared.

Sunday's coaches will be Jamie, Malcolm, John and myself.

The format will be the same as last week
  • Perf 1 , Dev 1 and Dev 3 will be on skiing first.
  • Perf 2, Dev 2 and Dev 4 will be on fitness first.