Friday, October 30, 2015

Training Sunday 1st November

Evening All,

The programme for next Sunday, 01/11 will be as follows.

PS 2, Dev 2 & 4 will be on the mat for the first session from 9 - 10:30. PS 2, Dev 1 & 3 will be on fitness from 9 - 10:30

We switch for the second session from 10:30 - 12.

All skiers are then back on the mat for the last hour of racing. 12 - 1.

First group can take their break, after fitness, from 10:10 - 10:25. Ready to ski at 10:30

Second group take a break, after fitness, from 11:40 - 11:55. Ready to race at 12.

Gary W and Nick will take the first fitness session, then switch with James and John, for the second session.

That leaves

Ski Session 1
Malcom on Dev 4
John on Dev 2
James on PS 2

Fitness 1
Gary and Nick

Ski Session 2
Malcolm on Dev 1
Nick on Dev 3
Gary on PS 1

Fitness 2
James and John

We'll do our best to set the timing gear up for timed runs. Perhaps it could be set up prior to skiing and lifted before the head to heads. We’ll need to limit the runs of skiers through the gear though. We had 12 times for some skiers and zero for others last session. This session will be limited to 3 runs for all.

I have all the times from the runs from last session and can set the teams based on those, if I have time. Maybe a parent volunteer can do that on Sunday.

As ever, we'll need helpers to make the races happen. 2 on flags at the bottom, to mark the finish and a starter at the top.

Looking forward to seeing you all on Sunday.

Cheers, GW

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Huntly Nordic Ski Centre Open Day, Sunday 1st November 10am-4pm.

Peter Thorn at Huntly Nordic Ski Centre  has asked us to advertise their open day in the name of promoting multi discipline. He is aware that we train on a Sunday but says a crowd appearing in the afternoon when we are finished at Alford is fine with them.  

"Brush up on your ski skills for winter, come down and enjoy a range of activities for FREE, with a BBQ from 12!

• Instruction for skiing & rollerskiing
• Nordic walking & Tubing
• The Climbing Wall (11am-2pm)
• Second hand kit for sale
• Fun and games for all the family

Contact us for more details: Tel 01466 794428

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

LSRA Bairns and Lassies 2015, Last Call For Entries

Entries for the Bairns and Lassies race close this Friday October 16th. The race is at 2pm Sunday 25th October at Hillend. As it is an afternoon race there is no need for an overnight stay.

It is an un-seeded race so it's also open for un-registered racers. So if you are new to racing then this is the one for you. It would be great to have a good turnout of our younger racers so if you are planning on entering then get your entry in now and then please let James Paxton know you have entered by emailing .

One thing to note is that the Forth road bridge will be closed that weekend so allow for some extra journey time as you will need to come round via Stirling or the Kincardine Bridge.

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

LSRA Bairns and Lassies Race 2015

Entries are now open for the 2015 Bairns and Lassies race.  It is on Sunday 25th October, the last Sunday of the half term holiday and is in the afternoon so will not necessitate an overnight stay in Edinburgh for a change!

Entries close Friday 16th October at 5pm.  This un-seeded race is open to both registered and un-registered racers in all age categories up to and including Under 16. It is an excellent introduction for those new to racing.  It would be great to have a really strong entry from Gordon Skiers so why not give it a try?

Sunday, October 04, 2015

Today's Times. Sunday October 4th 2015

Timed Runs October 4th

Performance Squad 1 
Development  3  
Rachel Brown  7.22 Daisy Cowie 10.69
Hamish Alexander   Logan Duncan 9.40
Graeme Campbell   Harriet Dawson  10.11
Andrew Simpson  7.40  Development 3   
Neil Simpson 7.95 Finlay Carry 9.56
Beth Whatford  7.53 Jacob Ipsen 11.12
Erik Rasmusen 7.59 Izzy Pfleger 11.69
Hannah Morrison   Ruaridh Rogerson 10.71
Vicky Rasmusen 8.59 Development 4   
Performance Squad 2    Murdo Reid 10.69
Nathan Smith    Alex Hay 11.04
Ben Whatford 9.58 Torin Liversidge 11.42
Development 1    Finn Rogerson 13.20
Kathleen Rae   New Members  
Morven Douglas    Annabel Mackay No time
Ellie Green  9.22 Glen Liversidge No time
Jack Morrison  9.37 Ben McWhirry Merry 10.76
Harry Pfleger  9.44 Alex Selley 11.24
Daniel Lints    Thomas Paterson No time
    Rasmus Ipsen 14.64
    Keira Henderson 11.56
    Eva Sinclair 12.27
    Olivia Sinclair 21.07

First Sunday Back

Welcome back folks. 

What a day to start back training at Alford. The sun was shining, the sky was blue and the Athletes were on top form.

Day one of training is always a little daunting, especially for our newest members. I was delighted to see everyone joining in the fun and to welcome our new coach, Nicholas, to the team.

As always the timed runs were a firm favourite and the competition was red hot. Fastest of the day was Rachel Brown with a red hot 7.22 seconds. The course was very tight and the coaches couldn’t compete with Jamie Robertson very close behind (by only 2 hundredths of a second)

Apparently one of the kids managed to beat her Dad today, but we’ll be looking to fix that next session on the 1’st of November.

Don’t worry if you didn’t manage to record a time this week, we’ll be setting up the timing gear every week so there will be plenty of chances to make your mark.

For the next session I’ll be working out the teams, based on the times I have from today, so expect some close racing next time.

As always, if you have any questions or comments, do not hesitate to ask.

See You All Soon, Gary W

Friday, October 02, 2015

Scottish Dry Slope Championships 2015

Another great weekend for Gordon Skiers!  Some stunning performances from Rachel Brown taking the girls U16 slalom title on the Saturday and then following that up with a silver medal in the GS on the Sunday.  Hannah Morrison added to the medals with a bronze medal in the U18 slalom on the Saturday.

Full report to follow.