Saturday, January 31, 2015

Training Sunday February 1st.

Evening Everyone,

As you may have noticed the weather is verging on ferocious. The MWIS forecast isn't too promising for tomorrow, so I'm proposing a late start for tomorrow. The Lecht are telling me they will update on the status, but not until after 9am tomorrow.

I will check with them tomorrow and update, via the Gordon Skiers Racing Facebook page. Fingers crossed for training, although it's not looking good as of now. We would suggest everyone waits for the green light prior to leaving as it may take them some time to clear the road in the morning.

Tomorrow's coaches will be James, John Mac, Malcolm, Kenny, Jamie (if he gets back from the Alpes in time) and myself.

At the earliest, we will start training from 10:30, all going well with the weather.

Please wrap up well as wind chill will be severe tomorrow. Reported as -25C at 900m.

Speak tomorrow,

Gary W

Snow Trials

We have space for new members for the rest of the snow season so if anyone is interested in joining the club please could you e mail the administrator so that we can assess the numbers and arrange for trials to be set up. Please include your name, your child’s name and a contact telephone number.

Hut Etiquette and Evacuation Procedures!

Can we bring your attention to a few areas that were discussed at the committee meeting last week.

Firstly can we ask all parents and skiers to read the page on hut etiquette.  Can we particularly bring to your attention the following areas.
  • Evacuation procedure. Committee members to take responsibility for locking the hut. All members to sign out their children even in the event of evacuation. 
  • A radio will be left in the hut for any latecomers as training will start at 9am prompt. This radio can be used by the parent to contact a coach. A whiteboard will also be used for the training groups showing which piste the groups will be on. 
  • Hut Etiquette. A post needs to be put on the blog reminding members of the club etiquette especially with regard to trainees having space to sit down during breaks, tidying up, the provision of toilet rolls and donations for coffee tea etc.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Glenshee Winter Games, Feb 7th / 8th

Calling all Gordon Skiers.  Following on from the successes of last weeks Gordon Skiers Open, next weekend the 7/8th February sees the venue move to Glenshee for the Glenshee Winter Games.  There are both BASS and Bairns races.  Entries are still open and it would be great to have another really strong entry from the Gordon Skiers  so we can try and repeat some of last weekends successes.

As Racing Convenor, James needs to know who is entered so that he can arrange the appropriate coach support for the racers.  If you have entered then please contact James on and let him know.

It would be great to reciprocate the support that GPS gave us at our races last week.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

SSSA. Alpine Series, Secondary Qualifier, Lecht.

Some great skiing in the Scottish Schools Snowsports Association secondary schools race at the Lecht today.  Despite the weather forecast conditions were fabulous and were matched with some first class performances by Gordon Skiers racing for both Alford Academy and Robert Gordons College.  As ever the margins were very close wih Alford Academy pipping Robert Gordons by 4/100 of a second!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Bairns Race Results

Bairns Race results are now available here.  Some great racing by all involved!!
Our apologies for posting the Sunday results twice, that is the links corrected now!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Gordon Skiers Open 2015, Bairns Photos.

The Bairns race photos are now on our Gordon Skiers Racing Facebook page.  We took over a 1000 photos over the three runs on Saturday and have selected some of the best.  We have tried to include photos of all the skiers, if we have missed someone out then please accept our apologies.

We hope you enjoy them.


Gordon Skiers Open 2015, A Big Thankyou

Many thanks to all the parents that helped out this weekend whether it be on catering, bib collections, in the race office or out on the hill, without the help and support of the club parents these events wouldn't go ahead. It was a very successful weekend for the club both on the results but also from an organisation point of view.

James , 

Chief of Champs.

Gordon Skiers Open 2015 Results

Gordon Skiers Open 2015 results are now available on Snowsports Scotland website.  Follow the links below.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Gordon Skiers Open Photos

For all Gordon Skiers parents.  I have taken around 1000 pictures on the BASS course over the weekend, some good ones and a lot not so good!  A selection are posted on Facebook.  If you would like more photos of your skiers, I will bring my laptop along to the club hut next Sunday and if you bring a USB drive or SD card I will download them for you.

My colleague David also took around 400 on the Bairns course, I will hopefully get those from him next week and get a selection posted her.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Gordon Skiers Open 2015. Saturday 24th

We have placed a collection of photographs of the majority of competitors on the Harrier course up on our Facebook page (Gordon Skiers Racing).  Afraid the light was poor so quality isn't great but hope you enjoy them.  Afraid we missed the last 10 boys, the photographer was succumbing to hypothermia!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Gordon Skiers Open Weekend Arrangements For Club Members

Good evening All,

I've been asked by some parents about the availability of coaching this weekend, for those not racing.
I'm afraid it's not possible for us to support races and provide training to a mixed age (and ability) group.

We have to prioritise our attention on the races this weekend.

I would suggest though, if any athlete has been too nervous to enter the race that they come along on Sunday. We can ensure they will be able to shadow their appropriate race groups and get a feel for what a race day is all about and see a course inspection for real.

Tomorrow's coaches will be Kenny M, Ali M and myself.

Kenny will be setting one of the children's courses tomorrow and I'll be setting the Bairn's course.
On Sunday, Ali and I will be your course setters.

On another note. We've had some success for Gordon's over the last couple of days. Beth Whatford (U14) has been out in Switzerland racing in the Welsh Nationals. After travelling out on Wednesday she raced the Sl on Thursday and managed to podium in Silver. Today was the GS. No podium but a very close fourth.

See you Tomorrow, Gary W

Gordon Skiers Open Update

Few more points to raise before the weekend. We are almost set for the weekend so hopefully see you all on Saturday and Sunday.
  • It has been pointed out to me that the bulletin should have said that U16 times will be combined each day, its only U14 that are separate.
  • We are lucky enough to have ‘My Race’ ski shop attending at the weekend with their van, it will be parked near the Gordon Skiers hut and will be selling race equipment, so pop along and see what they can offer.
  • Race Officials- lunches will be provided and can be picked up from the hut during race briefing. Hot drinks will be supplied on the hill.


Thursday, January 22, 2015

Calling All Gordon Skiers Parents, We Need Your Help!

Calling all Gordon Skiers Parents.  We have had a fantastic entry for the Gordon Skiers Open Weekend with almost 200 skiers entered.  The downside of this is that it will all take a lot of organising.

For those of you who have not yet volunteered, we need your help.  There are a number of jobs not yet covered so please email James with your offers of help on

Ammendment to Race Details

I rushed last night and made two mistakes on the bulletin;
  • Bairns will be two days of GS style courses.
  • Medals- the Championship race day will be Saturday and not a combination of times from both days.
Course team, bib issue and anyone that is free to help first thing please can we arrive and be ready for 8am start, due to the huge numbers of athletes we would really like to get moving as soon as possible and there will be a lot of setting up to do for the BASS race with regards to gates and safety fencing.

Kind regards


Gordon Skiers Open Weekend

  • Please note that full details are now available on the race page on this website. 
  • Can all members please note that the club hut is out of bounds this weekend as it will be used for the race organisation.
  • We have 190 entries.  This will take a lot of organising so can all parents who have not already volunteered their services please speak to James Paxton.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Snow Race Support Fees

A quick update about  Race Support Fees prior to this seasons snow races.   This year snow race support fees will be invoiced by the treasurer at the end of the snow season.  If a member is on a race acceptance list then race support fees will be due regardless of attendance other than when there is a medical exemption.

  • For members who are registered for snow training for the season, race support fees on non-training days will be charged at £10 per trainee.
  • For members not registered for snow training who require race support the charge is £20 per day per trainee.

U8 Race This Weekend

We have taken the decision that we will run U8 race this weekend on both days, slight change in the planning but nothing to worry about. If you have an U8 and would like to enter then please use the entry form on the Gordon Skiers Page and make payment through Paypal using . Entries for U8 will close tonight 6pm.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Gordon Skiers Open 2015, Last Call For Entries!

This is the last call for entries to the Gordon Skiers Open 2015.  The entry closes at 9AM tomorrow Wednesday 21st January.

The forecast is good and the Lecht has excellent snow cover on the race runs with more forecast for later in the week so get your entries in now.
  • Bib Collection 8.30am Both Days at the Gordon Skiers Hut 
  • Open- 2 runs Slalom Both days 
  • Saturday is Championship races 
  • Bairns – 2 or 3 runs GS Both Days

Training Report, Sunday 18th January

Many thanks to all athletes and coaches for braving the storm on Sunday, for our first snow training day.

From what I could see the snow looked great, although most of it seemed to be attached Ali M's eyebrow at one point. (He had a frozen stalactite growing rapidly)

It was great to see so many enthusiastic skiers braving the breeze to stay out training and keen to train in the gates/stubbies in the afternoon.

With the races coming up this weekend, we had to jiggle the groups a little to ensure all the racers had the chance to practice in the appropriate gates, or stubbies. The younger groups had a full course set on the Eagle Race Way, whilst the Children had Sl Gates set on the Falcon.

The Children were challenged in the morning by skiing a rut line. I'm sure I saw a few of the parents looking on jealously desperate for a wee try. The rut line is a great drill for softening up the knees and emphasising the importance of the pole plant. Just what's needed to race Slalom next week.

Although I din't see them ski, I believe the Bairns covered lots of miles in the morning. A great re-introduction to the snow, before the stubby course after lunch.

I'll look at the numbers for racing this weekend and, if we can provide it, there will be training for kids not racing on Sunday. On Saturday, the coaches on duty will be supporting the races.

Whilst the kids aren't racing the coaches will do their best to keep them skiing, so they stay warmed up and ready to race.

As usual, any questions don't hesitate to ask.

Thanks, GW

PS Erik Razmussen and Hamish Alexander each lost a ski pole from outside the hut at the end of the day presumably somebody thinking they were a set and taking them thinking they were theirs.  The poles are both Scott with black Scott hand guards.  Hamish's pole is grey and black and Erik's pole is red and black.  Please could everyone have a quick check to see if they picked them up by mistake in the rush to get off the hill before the gates closed.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Email from Graham Mounsey, Snowsport Scotland

Please find attached details of a Rossignol offer for registered competitors. Depending on their points, racers can receive up to 35% off Rossignol kit. In order to take advantage of the offer, you just need to sign in at the following link Remember, under 12s (born 2003 or later) can register with Snowsport Scotland for free and are eligible for 25% off with Rossignol.

We also have a dedicated page on the FindTransfers website. FindTransfers allows you to specify your transfer requirements and then sends your requests to local, independent taxi and airport taxi companies. You then receive a quote based on your requirements and you can choose to book with the best local company and is a good way of saving money and time when looking at transfers.
To compare prices and book a transfer visit

Many thanks and have a great weekend, Graham
Graham Mounsey |Membership & Marketing Coordinator | Snowsport Scotland

Snow Training Sunday 18th January

What a difference a week makes!
Happy New Year to All. Great to see the snow has finally settled on the hill and we can finally get into some serious training.

The groups are listed below and the coaches this week will be Ali M, James P, John McR and myself. I've added coaches names to the tables, so you can see who you have.

Some of you may not have met Ali yet, but it's great to see him returning for snow training. Ali has been coaching with Gordon's for longer than any of the other coaches and has a pedigree to be proud of (including English Team Coach) He's been busy on placement as a Doctor in Inverness, so hasn't been able to join us in Alford.

Friday, January 09, 2015

Les Houches, BSA Anglo-Scottish Races January 2015

Gordon Skiers put in an impressive performance at the recent BSA Anglo - Scottish races, with several medal placings and surprise results.

Day one and two saw Under 16's and Under 14's race a full length slalom, whilst the Bairns had a run on stubby slalom course and a combo GS/SL

Day 3 and 4 had the Under 16's and Under 14's race a very impressive GS course, again down the Men's DH Kandahar run. The Bairns had a go too and I saw lots of nervous parents waiting at the bottom to see their little cherubs cross the line. All made it safe and sound and couldn't wait to get back to the top to try again.

Sunday 11th January 2015. Training Cancelled

This weekend is very much a case of the good news and the bad news!  First the bad news, as you can see from the webcam at the top of the buzzard, there is not a lot of snow at the Lecht right now!

The good news is, as you can see from the Winterhighland forecast on the left, that there is plenty of snow forecast over the next few days.

The bad news is that it is accompanied by some seriously high winds gusting to 70-100mph on Sunday. Our concern is that with such high windspeeds some of our younger lighter members might get picked up and end up in Tomintoul before touching the ground again!

So sadly we have made the decision to cancel this Sunday's training at this stage to allow you all to make other arrangements for your weekend.

Lets hope we see some descent snowfalls over the next week that will allow us to get some training in next week.

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Gordon Skiers Open 2015, Please Get Your Entries In!

A reminder that the entry form for the Gordon Skiers Open is now available here.  As this is our "home" event it is a great opportunity for those new to racing to have a go.  We are looking for all those registered for snow training to be entering the races, it is a great fun weekend and our skiers can get a taste of racing on their home slopes in a really supportive atmosphere.

Can we also remind you that dates for the other races in Scotland can be found on our Calendar Page. Of particular note is the Glenshee Winter Games event which follows hot on the heals of our own races, on the 7/8th February. There are both Bairns and BASS races. Please can you also get your entries in and let James Paxton know you are entering by emailing him on the email address so that he can get on and arrange coach support for the weekend.

This Sunday's weather currently looking a bit dubious but will have a better idea of how things are shaping up towards the end of the week and will update then.