Sunday, March 23, 2014

Last Day of Training!

Well today was the last day of training for this season.............and what a day, probably the best weather and best snow of the season. Whilst it was pretty windy high up the clear sky provided fabulous light for skiing and the fresh snow of Friday and Saturday had freshened up the upper runs nicely.

Carrie set up three groups for training........and the kids and coaches appeared to know who was going where!

Everyone headed up to Coire Fionn and Glas Maol for some awesome conditions both on and off the piste, and the parents had a pretty good time too! Clear sky in between the showers meant great light and the wind kept blowing fresh snow onto the pistes to keep them nicely freshened up.

After lunch the coaches set up a course of stubbies next to the Caenlochen poma and some skier cross racing with three at a time gave some impressive competition and skiing..........that was until we were slightly less than politely asked to move on by the management! 

So it was back over to the West side for a few last runs off the Cairnwell T-bar finnishing off with the youngsters heading down the Tiger.  A great way to finish off the last day with some very tired skiers by the end!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Last Day of Training! Sunday 23rd March.

Good morning Everybody!

I hope this all finds you well in this fantastically sunny day, heres hoping it will stretch until Sunday tea-time (wonder if its me saying that, it then curses the weekend? Hmmm) Last day of training Sunday 23rd March 2014 pretty good season I think and pretty adverse weather:

Lecht Bairns Bucket @Glenshee in the rain, even my knickers were wet that day, lovely Nicky washed Ronin hand Robyn's jackets instead of tumble drying them ha ha spent an evening watching the jackets finally drying lol. - PRIZES

Couple of days skiing, well maybe more standing around catching a tan and playing ski to the nearest lift and watch it breakdown back at the Lecht. Another day standing in a shin deep puddle on the Grouse hoping the poma would go before the water seeped into your ski boots – MUDDY BUT GOOD FUN 

Glenshee Open and Bairns – wild and windy day spent hanging onto children and making sure all were not blown away, boy did your face sting after that one, some lovely prizes and one star jump finish at the end of that weekend. PRIZES AND DERMA ABRASION.

Snowcross Madness – Lots of fun and good tactics by Miss Brown and the Tabstar, Gilbert was hijacked and I'm getting too old for it but had a cracking weekend and to finish a one ski finish by the phantom star jumper. PRIZES 1ST 2ND & 3RD.

Lecht Open @ Glenshee cobweb free better than expect weekend challenging but good fun in all accounts. 1ST LOON & 2ND QUINE. 

This is a brief fun outlook to the highlights of the season, I think that all the children have worked well this year and I've been pleasantly surprised at the standard of the skiing.Many more prizes and medals than depicted above. The wee'est ones have done really well and the older guys have been working terribly hard and have had a good range of different outlooks to their skiing, this is thanks to the very high standard of the coaching and I personally think that the mix of experiences that we possess have added value and it shows.

So last Sunday @ Glenshee (I'll try and order the weather like it is today for then) see you outside the main CafĂ© at 9.15am. If there are changes or the weather is not being kind to us, I will let you know Saturday tea-time. If anyone is not down for training and would like to train, please email me to both my email addresses.

Look forward to seeing you all Sunday.

Lovely big Friday Hugs

Carrie. x

Welcome To Gordon Skiers Blogspot

Welcome to the new Gordon Skiers Blogspot site!  Our aim is to try and create a really dynamic web presence to advertise the work of the club.

As well as using it to post information about the club we hope to involve the skiers themselves in writing blogs about their training and racing, interviews with their coaches etc. We also plan to use the site to publish information on each week's training along with reports on the previous weekends activities.Links to these articles can then also be pushed out through our Facebook and Twitter sites.

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