Snow Season - GDN Hut

When skiing at the Lecht we have use of the Gordon Skiers ski hut which is situated on the rear side of the main car park. It's quite an icon with a long history so appears in the background of many a photograph! The club rents this facility from the Lecht at considerable cost, which is in part covered by your membership fees. If you plan to use the hut facility as a family then you should have paid the family membership therefore, rather than just a racer membership. If you wish to upgrade to family membership please contact if you would like to upgrade to family membership.

The facilities at the hut are fairly basic, and space is limited, but if everyone can be considerate of everyone else then it can work pretty well. Some points therefore:
  • Please ensure that belongings are not left on the tables and chairs, so that the children can get access to use these during breaks. If there is not room in the hut, use your car.
  • On arrival all children should be signed in, and for children in the younger age group you will need to collect a bib for them to wear while out skiing. The bib number assigned should be noted against your child’s name on the sign in sheets. Bibs and sign in sheets are kept in the small office area at the back of the hut. If we are not at the Lecht then the coaches should have bibs and sign in sheets with them. Training starts at 9am sharp and you are expected to have your children signed in and kitted up with ski pass and everything they need by that time. A radio will be left in the hut for any latecomers as training will start at 9am prompt. This radio can be used by the parent to contact a coach. A whiteboard will also be used for the training groups showing which piste the groups will be on.
  • Please ensure that your child is either supervised for breaks, or is able to access their snacks/lunch themselves if you are not there. You also need to ensure that you are available to assist your children to get ready to go on the hill in the morning and after breaks if they are not able to organise themselves. The coaches need a break too, and are not there to feed and kit up our children.
  • Children have priority during their breaks to use the facilities, and adults should be considerate of this. They usually work much harder than us!
  • Can we request that each family contributes to the toilet paper supplies for our two toilets.
  • Please ensure any litter is cleared up before you leave, and if you can take a turn at emptying bins or sweeping up some week that would be much appreciated.
  • There is a microwave, kettle, and urn in the hut for your use. We will also have a supply of tea, coffee etc, but if you can make a small contribution if using these it would be much appreciated. A donation jar will be left out.
  • The hut doesn’t clean itself, so if you are willing to help with some cleaning that would be great. 
  • Evacuation procedure. Committee members to take responsibility for locking the hut. All members to sign out their children even in the event of evacuation. 
Here’s hoping for a good snow season. It is a huge plus for the club and its members to have our very own base, with our training kit to hand and at arguably the most consistently open and available Lecht ski area.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation,

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