Saturday, December 17, 2016

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Course Crew Training and Fish Suppers - BE THERE

Wednesday 14th December, Alford Ski Centre 7pm to 9pm

Gordon Skiers end of season Head to Head Competition and Course Crew Training.

£10 member racers
£12.50 non member racers
FREE course crew presentation Q&A

Mums and/or dads who have their little and not so little darlings racing will be treated to a Fish Supper as well as James Paxton presenting the roles and responsibilities of ski race course crew roles.

Last Alford night till the New Year so please feel free to drop by and demystify ski race crewing and enjoy a Fish Supper!

Click HERE for more details

Monday, December 12, 2016

Snow Training and Race Support - One week only to secure your place

Gordon Skiers snow training and race support for Winter 2017 will commence January 8th, the first Sunday after schools return after New Year and will run until Sunday 26th March 2017.

Given our increase in membership and training requests this year we will be closing our booking form for the Winter at 6pm on December 19th. Bookings and payments after this date can sadly not be guaranteed and you may not be able to participate in some of the training. 

Coaching plans and race support need to be organised and assigned based upon ability and age levels and why we ask you to help us maintain arguably the best level of ski race support in the North East from Bairns through to seniors.

Please also ensure that before booking any snow training that you have also completed the membership form and parental consent forms should you have not participated in any of our Autumn series training at Alford. All forms can be found HERE

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Christmas Races and Lunch December 11th

Gordon Skiers Xmas Races 11th Dec 2016 - not including 20+ shy parents behind the camera
On behalf of the Gordon Skier’s committee, many thanks to everyone who took part in our Xmas races today at Alford and to those who attended the Xmas lunch at Alford Golf Club. One hundred and twelve people (a record, I think) sat down to an excellent lunch to celebrate the end of a very successful dry mat season. We had maximum numbers of racers signed up this season to dry mat training. Fingers, toes and everything else crossed now for some good snow.

Photos from the day as well as all our Sunday and Wednesday race league champions of the future are now posted on our Facebook page.

To add to the enjoyment, during lunch we watched Alex Tilley, a lifetime member of Gordon Skiers and British number one female Alpine skier, achieve a superb 22rd place in the World Cup slalom race at Sestriere, Italy. Alex began skiing on the dry mat at Alford with Gordon Skiers aged 8.

Watch Alexs run HERE

Have a very merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


  • Snow race support and training is live but only till December 19th. BOOK HERE today
  • The Gordon Skiers Open will be released to the general public for booking by December 16th. Watch your emails to be able to secure your place early.
  • Wednesday 14th December, Alford Ski Centre 7pm to 9pm - last mid week racing fun event PLUS course crew volunteer training. Please if you can tear yourself away from Masterchef and Corrie do so and demystify what helping to run a ski race is all about. Hot drinks and snacks will be served!

Friday, December 09, 2016

Sunday 11th December Christmas Races

So the moment everyone has been waiting for has come around again - the annual Gordon Skiers Festive Races and Xmas Meal this Sunday.

To finish of a fantastic Autumn season we will be having 9 teams racing this Sunday, each carefully chosen using skiers across all categories in the hope that we have some very tight racing - if not just blame Gary because he can't be with us and didn't do the teams anyway!

There will be 36 races – each team gets 8 races each, we will run the pool through once to
determine the results. In the event of a tie (see depiction to the left for meaning) then we will run ski offs after break to determine the winners. If we have no ties we will start to run the pool through again but purely for fun and to see who can challenge Santa Stomper with the most successful Lift, roll squash moment!

We will need a number of helpers to help on Sunday to try and keep things moving swiftly - if you can help then please let James know first thing on Sunday.

We aim to get racing as soon as possible after 9am so would be grateful if you could make sure you turn up promptly and get kitted up early, there will be no fitness so please come in ski gear and your best costume or Christmas jumper if you want to.

Teams will be posted on the wall of the main room at Alford - each team will have a name and a coaches name, once you ready then please find the coach for your team at the bottom of the slope and we will get things moving as fast as we can. There is bound to be some hanging about but we will limit as much as possible and please stick with your team leader and don't wander off.

Proposed Timetable

  • Arrive 8.30-9am
  • Start racing 9.15am
  • Break 10.45 -11.00am
  • Ski Offs of more races 11.00-12.00
  • Change and Xmas presents to kids 12.15
  • Head to Alford Golf Club 12.30-1pm
  • Presentations 1pm-1.30pm
  • Eat 1.30pm
  • Leave – whenever

Photo Caption Competition

We will have 6 photos printed in large format for Sunday morning and would welcome folk to write down captions against any of the photos (parents please remember your audience). 

Entries already received will be on the photos to help try kick start the creative juices flowing from head down your arm and onto the paper as a caption. The committee will then select their favourite few with a vote by everyone at the Xmas meal to determine the podium positions.

Arrangements for Meal

Due to the large number of attendees we are using both the downstairs and upstairs lounges with 70 seated downstairs and 40 upstairs. It will be a case of select where you sit but we do request that no young kids are left unattended upstairs (as tempting as it may sound). When you arrive we will have a sheet to tick you off on, then please find a seat and get a drink. For those of you upstairs we will then come and get you for the presentations which will be downstairs. Alford Golf Club will be doing their best to get us all served in a timely manner but please bear with them and enjoy the festive spirit.

Other Important Info
  1. Wednesday 14th December is Course Crew Training at Alford. Snacks and hot drinks
    served in the company of our very own resident Stompmaster James. Details here.
  2. Gordon Skiers Jackets have arrived and can be collected this Sunday. Please ensure you have made payment before collection. Orders placed
  3. Snow season booking form is live and closes on December 19th. If you wish to secure your place on the dates you would like training or race support please complete by the deadline.
  4. The Gordon Skiers Open will take place on January 21/22 at The Lecht. Places may well be capped this year with the booking form going live to the general public on December 16th. An email will be circulated to all members ahead of this general release.

The committee would also like to thank everyone, club members old and new, for a fantastic Autumn series this year. Gordon Skiers is your club so we will always welcome feedback on what you like, what you don't and any ideas or suggestions you would like to see offered at the club. Just collar any of us for a chat or use the usual email address.

Wishing everyone a very Happy, healthy and safe Christmas and we look forward to doing it all again....and more.....on snow from early January.

The GDN Committee

Sunday, December 04, 2016

Sunday Dec 4th Training Report

What a "Stomping" Sunday we had today at Alford. A great mornings training to round up the final weekend of formal training for Gordon Skiers this autumn. Next weekend sees the very exciting and tightly contested annual Xmas races followed by Xmas dinner and presentations.

It was another brisk morning and the mat was once again frozen resulting in James and Malcolm having to call in the trusty friend ‘the pickaxe’ to enable course setting to take place.

RD3 and 4 took on the course this morning with their timed runs and from what I could see there were improvements among all the kids (once some of them worked out the route) and I am sure this was reflected in the times. Some of you may have noticed that the lower end of the club has slowly been growing over the last few weeks as we have been trialing some siblings all of whom have been successful, so a big welcome to all our new members.

Performance squads were working hard with Alex and James working on some individual skills followed by some gate practice. The Christmas tunes were blaring and the spirits were high.

RD1 and 2 endured fitness first outside in the cold followed by some more energetic skiing working on similar drills from previous weeks.

The head to head team races at the end were as close as ever with Andrew Campbell’s team going away as winners. A good indication of how successful a training session is, is when we have to physically pull the course from in front of the final skiers on the hill (and no it wasn’t James this time).

For those following the Gordon Skiers Facebook page you will notice that James (our acting head coach) has been getting many comments on his unique style. He is the master of what has been termed "The Alford Stomp!" Whilst amusing this highly developed "technique" by James is actually very likely to lead to a technical straddle and disqualification in the bigger world so please consider before trying to mimic! James was emphasising "The Alford Stomp" to the max today as can be seen in numerous photos on Facebook and above. Enjoy but don't copy folks - James has this technique not only perfected but patented!!! He is throwing down the gauntlet to everyone at next weeks fun Christmas races to showcase a different style that will catch the photographers lenses!!!

Todays times for both PS1, 2 and RD 3 and 4 are shown below.

HOT NEWS: Watch the blog and Facebook for a caption competition with prizes to be awarded at next weeks Christmas lunch.

Your friendly GDN committee

Perf Squads Time Dev 3 and 4 Time
Andrew Simpson 6.67 Eva Sinclair 9.88
Ollie Bailey 6.79 Louisa McIntosh 10.11
Rachel Brown 6.91 Rasmus Ipsen 10.6
Neil Simpson 6.92 Oran McGurran 11.03
Beth Whatford 7.09 Romily 11.11
Graeme Campbell 7.32 Keira Henderson 11.21
Jack Morrison 7.64 Carys Henderson 11.41
Andrew Howell 7.78 Struan 11.73
William Lennox 7.93 Emily Carry 11.79
Paul Marshall 7.96 Olivia Sinclair 12.06
Ellie Green 7.97 Catriona Brown 12.13
Sophie Ross 8.19 Owen Campbell 12.13
Vicky Rasmussen 8.25 Glen Liversidge 12.21
Rachel Morrison 8.25 Shea Campbell 12.31
Ben Whatford 8.47 Jennifer Brown 12.59
Finlay Carry 9.15 Thomas Paterson 13.1

Santa Special - GDN at Rugby Plus

 Still looking for Christmas presents that are suitable, great quality, wanted and available at a good price ...... look no further than the Gordon Skier's webpage on the website. Ideal Christmas presents for young and old, players and supporters, men and women ... with the Gordon Skiers club logo to show your support for the Club. Sizes run from age 6 - 4XL * and ladies size 8-16 *.

Order asap either through the website or by contacting Rugby Plus 

direct on 01224 647347.

* Availability dependent on suppliers stock

Friday, December 02, 2016

Sunday December 4th Alford Training

It’s that time of the week again to start to dig out the ski kit and get ready for Sunday training at Alford. This Sunday is the 8th week and the final week before Xmas races on Sunday 11th December. We are back to week 2 schedule which sees D3 and 4 on timed runs, D1 and D2 on fitness first whilst Performance Squads are ski training.

Please remember clean shoes for indoor fitness training as we keep making a mess in the gym hall.

Coaches for this weekend are;

PS1   – Alex
PS2   - James
RD 1 - John
RD 2 -  Andrew
RD 3 – Callum & Kathleen
RD 4 – Malcolm & Mark

This week for fitness in the gym hall we are going to work on some High Intensity Interval Training comprising of the following drills. We will do each drill for 2minutes in pairs or small groups and then rotate round the stations with a 1minute rest with the aim to carry out to full cycles. Coaches will adapt depending on the age and ability of the group.

  • Press-ups
  • Sit-ups
  • Burpees
  • High Knees
  • Sprints
  • Bench Dips 
  • Plank
Last week we were treated with Cafe2U and Blues both in attendance. The sausage rolls and ski prep demos that went down so well last Sunday sadly won't be available this week but "Fear ye not" as normal service will be resumed with soup and tray bakes to keep you fed. That and the regular friendly chats, cycle rides and all round family atmosphere. 

More details on Xmas races will follow by email shortly.

See you Sunday
The GDN team

Thursday, December 01, 2016

Coming to a hill near you very soon.....

We can't give away too much right now but there are lots of exciting new offerings to be released by Gordon Skiers in time for Christmas! Something for everyone - young and less so young, member and non-member, ski racer or novice, teacher or student. It's going to be one heck of a winter season from our club base at The Lecht!

Follow us at or on our Facebook page to get all the latest information and offers from ski racing, training, events and offers from Grampian and across Scotland.

Winter snow training and race support are now open for booking.