Sunday, October 30, 2016

Alford Oct 30th Report

Today saw another glorious day in terms of weather for the 3rd training week – we have been very lucky with the weather so far. The atmosphere amongst the trainees and coaches was just like the weather, warm and pleasant which was reflected in the level of the skiing on show today.

Performance squads were on timed runs first thing with some fantastic skiing and times coming in before they were put through their paces with Alex and Jamie on some technical drills. Race Dev 1 were working on stance and outside ski pressurisation with myself whilst Race Dev 2 worked on lateral separation and Andrew C had them doing short swing turns. Race Dev 3 and 4 were continuing to work on building the skills of balance and rotating the skis.

The head to head team races were the closest they have been for a long time with all the race development groups competing across 5 teams each with a coach. A lot of the races were neck and neck with the smallest of mistakes often making the difference between a win and a loss. It is with great pride and honour though that I can announce my Blue team were the winners today!

Following a request from Alford Academy today can we please ask that all athletes wear non-marking training shoes in the gym on each Sunday.

Many thanks and look forward to seeing all of you again next week or of course beforehand on our very popular Wednesday eve training and race league. Details are HERE if you are interested to join us.


Best times for each racer from the Sunday first rotations are now complete;

Performance Squad 1 Best Time 30/10 Racing Development 1  Best Time 25/09  Racing Development 3 Best Time 02/10
Rachel Brown  Absent Jack Sleigh 8.96 Findlay Cormack Absent
Hamish Alexander 6.76 Harvey Sleigh 8.93 Jacob Ipsen Absent
Graeme Campbell 7.24 Archie Duncan 9.53 Glen Liversidge 10.51
Andrew Simpson  6.64 Daisy Cowie 9.49 Eva Sinclair 10.47
Neil Simpson 6.78 Logan Duncan 9.05 Michael McIntosh 11.31
Beth Whatford  6.77 Harriet Dawson  Absent Keira Henderson 11.41
Ollie Bailey Absent Kieran Lennox 8.11 Olivia Sinclair 11.77
Nathan Smith  7.37 Finn Rogerson 11.13
Jack Morrison 7.09 Carys Henderson 12.14
Jonathan Marshall Absent Fergus Penny Absent
Annabel Mackay 11.52
Rasmus Ipsen Absent
Louisa McIntosh 12.16
Emily Carry 12.35
Performance Squad 2  Best Time 30/10 Racing Development 2  Best Time 25/09 Racing Development 4  Best Time 02/10
Andrew Howell 7.92 Izzy Pfleger 10.66 Finlay Smith Absent
Ben Whatford 7.78 Kizzy Scott 9.88 Oran McGurran 11.08
Ellie Green 7.66 Alex Hay 10.22 Thomas Paterson 13.19
Kathleen Rae Absent Ruaridh Rogerson 8.94 Owen Campbell 12.03
Vicky Rasmusen 7.95 Murdo Reid 8.95 Shea Campbell 15.01
Elliot Cameron Absent Torin Liversidge 8.57 Catriona Brown Absent
Paul Marshall 7.73 Dillan Driver 9.88 Jennifer Brown 11.63
Finlay Carry 8.73
Sophie Ross Absent
Rachael Morrison 8.08
William Lennox 7.42

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