Sunday, October 02, 2016

Alford Oct 2nd Report and Times

I’m always surprised by the levels of skiing I see at Alford. The sun was blazing and everyone was really up for the challenge.

Today I was working with Race Development Team 3 and Race Development Team 2. These skiers were rocking today and achieving some amazing results and improvements on the timed runs.

Special mention to Finn Rogerson and Emily Carry who managed to achieve, close to, 20% improvements on their times, with the fastest time of the day recorded by Eva Sinclair (10.47s)

I saw some challenging drills being delivered in the training sessions today. Andrew had RD 3 skiing on one leg and Mark had RD 2 projecting forward onto the fronts of their skis, nice and early in the turn. Jamie seemed to be having fun with some testing Short Swing Hop Turns for Perf Squad 2 and James had Perf Squad 1 showing us their skills on 1 ski.

It was a great day and Rob captured the spirit of the whole day in photograph. Please browse the photos, on Facebook, save your favourite and bring it with you at the next training session to get feedback from one of the coaches. We can learn an awful lot by studying the images.

In the next sessions we will be using video to help with the coaching sessions and will take time, during the session, to deliver video analysis to skiers.

A reminder that we will be running an extra session on Wednesday night, from 7pm - 9pm, for £10/skier. Please let us know by Monday night on this form if you will be coming along. I already have 8 names, so we have some space for extra racers. Parents are welcome too, if they fancy having a try in the gates. (We are also collecting interest for mid-week sessions for which you can express interest on after the holidays using the same form).

I've added, below, the race times from today with last week. I’ve only given the best times, but everyone improved and I know there are far greater improvements to come.

Well done to everyone over the last 2 weeks. Remember we now take a break from training until October 30th.

I hope you all have a great holiday and come back to training ready to fitter and faster.

Gary W

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