Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Braehead Trip

Yesterday saw 22 Gordon Skiers kids plus parents and 3 coaches head to the snow dome at Braehead for an afternoon of training. We were joined by our friends from Aberdeen Snowsport Club who brought along 10 of their kids as well as some of the parents and their two coaches.

It was a long day with the bus leaving Westhill at 9am, before picking up at various stops enroute and not arriving back to Westhill till 9pm but everyone was in good spirits throughout the day.

Bus arrived at 12.30pm to Braehead and shortly after everyone had dumped their kit bags off in the room they were all given a sandwich lunch before getting ready for the ski session at 2pm. Braehead staff were very helpful right from the start to the end and had two course set for us; one full size gate slalom course alongside an open corridor stubby course.

Bang on 2pm we all made our way out onto the slope and split into three groups. Callum S oversaw the younger kids whilst Stuart had the middle group with James looking after the Performance and top end Development athletes. Each group did their own warm up drills but all made the most of the variable terrain we had on offer- all the snow had been pushed into bumps at the edges whilst the middle was slick. It was great to be working alongside ASC and seeing the similarity in training provided from the two clubs in the North East. Groups slowly progressed up to skiing the open stubby course (which was slightly bumpy) before the Performance kids moved across to the full slalom course allowing other groups onto the stubby course. Athletes were working on certain individual skills in and out of the courses so every so often they would be pulled out the gates to go work on another drill before returning to the gates. The improvement in the short period of 3 hours in all skiers was amazing and it was fantastic to be able to train on a course longer than the 8 gates we get at Alford.

Everyone seemed to have fun and pick up new skills and techniques with all 3 coaches reporting back positive comments on the kids.

James took some video footage of the older kids and hopefully we can get this compiled shortly and posted for viewing.


Wednesday Night training is on as usual this week from 7-9pm at Alford @ £12.00 for members and £15.00 for Non Members.

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