Sunday, February 05, 2017

Alford Night Slalom! (Training Sunday 5th February 2017)

Tonight saw 30 Gordon Skiers trainees attending a session at Alford slope with coaches James, Jamie, Alex and Andrew. The groups were split into 3 using the usual groupings and there were 3 drills set up across the slope. The groups rotated, with their coaches, round the drills of ‘suicide course’ , ‘ suicide with offset’ and pole jumpers.

Each skier had a good number of runs on each drill and improvements were being made each run. We then cleared the slope of athletes to allow the coaches to reset a cross over dual slalom course which everyone competed on against fellow trainees roughly at their level. It was great to see some of the Performance Squad members taking on some of the development kids and being ‘fair’ to them. Great club atmosphere again tonight.

The moment of the night was when Vicky R caught an edge in the dual slalom and ended up heading straight towards our photographer Paul , narrowly missing taking him out, and then continuing onto the poma track before skiing across the grass to re-join the slope.

GDN Coaching Team

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