Monday, January 30, 2017

Training Saturday 28th January

Hats off to the 22 Gordon Skiers who turned up to training on Saturday evening despite some atrocious weather! Steady sleat and snow throughout the session lead to some very damp skiers but there were no complaints to be heard from anyone.

The trainees had an hour’s fitness session to start the evening off with an HIIT workout in two smaller groups whilst the other group were playing some small sided football- big thank you to Adam L for stepping in and assisting with the football. The HIIT workout was adapted for the younger kids but everyone worked hard and there were some red faces by the end.

A wet walk back to the ski slope to get kitted up and ready for 2hours of skiing was next on the agenda.

Andrew C and James were the coaches who endured the wet session. Groups were split roughly on ability but both groups were working on the same drills and learning outcomes. Athletes were put through 3 sessions with a 15 gate suicide run on one side of the mat for one group whilst the other half were working on fore and aft balance – difficulty ranged from leaning as far forwards and back as you could to the extreme of skiing with no buckles or straps done up on the boots at all. Was all going so well until one (who will remain unnamed) arrived at the top of the lift with only one ski and boot on and the other one was stranded halfway up the lift.

The final drill for the evening session was ‘cross over’ working on early engagement on the new outside ski of the turn, for this we set two identical courses in a dual slalom format with 3 vertical gates followed by  2 offset into another 3 vertical gates and then an offset back across the slope to a final 2 gates. The skiers challenged each other in a head to head format with some very close racing. Despite the pouring rain and dropping temperatures we had to pull the gates in front of the kids and force them off the hill!

Fantastic session and everyone left having had fun.

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