Thursday, June 08, 2017

Wednesday Night Training, 7th June

Wednesday morning saw a lot of rain fall and flooding around the area. Luckily during the day, the rain stopped and water levels subsided and the sun even came out for us during our mid-week training session.

Coaches for the night were Andrew C with Performance Squads and James in control of the Race Development groups. We had a good turnout of 18 athletes training, with a couple others off injured this week.

Andrew was working on agility with the performance team culminating in a tight set course to finish their training session. James was assisted by Andrew S who was shadowing for the night whilst giving the development squads some good feedback. The aim for the race development skiers was to work on upper body management, this was developed through various drills before putting it all together through a stubby course.

For the timed runs a very challenging course was set under the watchful eye and guidance of Gary with two hairpins and a tight Banana gate. 5 skiers from 20 were unable to complete the required 2 runs last night. Neil S lead the pack just ahead of his older brother Andrew, Nathan was holding his own and took 3rd place a fraction ahead of Beth.

Great skiing and times from all last night, the challenging courses are paying off when it comes to races with Gordon Skiers performing well last week on some tough courses at the Twin Peaks races.

One more Wednesday to go (next week) where everyone will be looking for the all-important points to finalise the standings for the Summer Mid-Week Series.

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