Friday, March 03, 2017

Scottish Childrens Championships Postponed

I have just had email confirmation from Neil Ross that next weekends Scottish Childrens Championships at Nevis Range have been postponed.  Although Nevis Range have snow and some upper runs open there is not enough for running the races.

"After concerted efforts to try and find a safe and effective way to run the Children's Championships and Bairns Bucket on the 11th and 12th of March I'm afraid we have had to decide on a postponement. The staff at Nevis Range have, as always, been extremely helpful but are of the opinion that the only slope currently with enough snow on it is too narrow, too steep and too difficult to access. This, coupled with the fact that the forecast is for warmer weather, has given us no option but to postpone the championships until a date that will be confirmed as soon as possible. Entry fees will be refunded if the races cannot take place."
It is hoped they may be able to reorganize possibly in April.

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